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Sinks and washbasins for kitchens and bathrooms


DuPont offers a range of 13 sink and 4 washbasin shapes in Corian®. These shapes are produced by polymerization inside metal moulds, using a continuous manufacturing process. The range consists of sinks for the kitchen (small single, large single and double) and a range of washbasins for the bathroom, designed for both home and commercial environments. Available in a selection of colours of Corian®, the shapes can be used to complement any design.

Corian® sinks and washbasins can be seamlessly joined beneath a countertop in a matching or contrasting colour of Corian®, creating a homogenous design with no jarring notes. Non-porous, hard-wearing and stain- and moisture-resistant, sinks and washbasins in Corian® are hygienic and easy to clean, and will look like new for years to come. If minor cuts or scratches do occur, these are easy to remove.

Corian® Small Single Sinks for kitchens

When your design has just enough room for a small sink, this compact single sink offers a functional yet stylish solution. It can be used alone, or in combination with other Corian® sinks.

Corian® Large Single Sinks for kitchens

For a spacious kitchen, a large single sink in Corian® is a popular choice. This sink can be used alone or in any sink combination.

Corian® Double Sinks for kitchens

The double sinks not only double the workspace - they also bring a contemporary style and elegance to your kitchen.

Corian® Washbasins for bathrooms

Corian® washbasins offer beauty, functionality, durability, stain resistance and easy care over many years of use.

To download (PDF file) images, technical drawings and technical information about Corian® sinks for bathrooms, click here.