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DuPont™ Corian® Asia Pacific Solid Surfaces

Lighting solutions and applications

Translucent in certain colours and thicknesses, Corian® reveals its full radiance and depth when exposed to light. This quality lends Corian® not only to the creation of atmospheric room-lighting, but also to sensuously-shaped lamps, dramatically illuminated furniture, and screens which reveal an intricately-carved pattern when back-lit.

Corian® has recently introduced a new colour with added translucency – Ice White – to give designers even greater scope for combining Corian® with light.

Turn your design on!

Discover the new Illumination Series

Squeeze, design Claudio Colucci


Light sculptures, design Lars Ernst Hole

Diode, design Marc Newson

100% Design London 2001, design Michael Young

Lo-rez-dolores-tabula-rasa, design Ron Arad

IMM 2004, (Germany), design Barbara Glasner

The Vitamin bar, design James Irvine

Reef, design Anki Gneib