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DuPont™ Corian® Asia Pacific Solid Surfaces


Office design has an impact on everyone that matters – employees work more productively in an uplifting environment, while clients and visitors make their first impressions of a company waiting in reception. Corian® has the design versatility and durability to make the right impression. Its lack of visible seams enables the creation of reception desks and meeting tables that appear to have been made from a single piece of material, while its ability to be inlaid allows logos to be neatly incorporated.

London 2012 headquarter, design Owen+Kimble Architects

MaiaSkins wall panels (Italy), design Maia International


Meeting room table (USA)


Stucchi headquarter (Italy), design Massimo Fucci (Milan), design Aldo Cibic & partner


East Capital Asset Management AB (Stockholm), design Jana Becker


Neocon 2005, Steelcase


Multimedia unit, ICE, design Stephen Johnson