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DuPont™ Corian® Asia Pacific Solid Surfaces


A million miles from the cold functionality of the past, today’s bathroom is as much about relaxation and pleasure as it is about getting clean. The design versatility of Corian® lends itself to the most cutting-edge designs – seamless wetrooms, zen-influenced baths, ergonomically-curved vanity tops - while its warm touch and resistance to mould and mildew help to create an inviting, practical environment.

Po, Boffi, design Claudio Silvestrin


Vitre, Moma Design, design Ignazio Di Masi

Steel, design Massimo Fucci

Orca, Rapsel, design Thomas Sandell

Private home (UK), design Robin Ellis

Klip, Nexa, design Joan Font and ADC Design

Block, Planit, design Simone Micheli

Private home (UK), design Ellis Williams Architects

Private home (UK), design Fiona McLean/Mc Lean Quinlan

Bath tub, Axia, design Lino Codato

Quadro, Respect, design Francesco Lucchese

Shower, Cisal, design Giampiero Peja