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Stage Props Corian® Application of “Zero to Hero” 80s TV Series

Zero to Hero 80s is a top CCTV talk show that aims to explore the era spirit and the value of life for people born in the 80s. The stage theme is tailored to express the context and symbols of post 80s.  Each stage prop is designed such that it will represent the value orientation and aesthetic requirement of the post 80s culture. High quality, international, trendy are all keywords when it comes to the design essence. Despite this is the first time Corian® has been used as stage prop, DuPont™ Corian® creates stunning aesthetic for show’s impact space with its superior quality and extraordinary flexibility.

Tao Wen, a renowned designer who worked in Zaha Design firm, continues to feature smooth organic character in this design project. With streamlined white auditorium and dazzling blue light, the stage backdrop resembles the properties of water drop. It creates smooth yet futuristic visual effect that naturally turns the stage into a pleasant focus area.

During the stage fabrication, the unique stage backdrop design cannot be fabricated through the traditional thermoforming technique. Thus, the design is spilt into multiple pieces digitally and fabricated through thermoplastic moulding machine in order to achieve the desired shape. With superior thermoforming ability and elegant aesthetics, Corian® brings vivid stage effects to contemporary visual impact space.

Project fabricated by : Zhongdi Architecture Solutions Co.,LTD