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Neko-tamago: Bed for cats is commercialized

Elephant design Co.,Ltd operates  “” the website to support product development based consumer needs. On the website, MRC-DuPont  gatherd unique idea about the application of Corian® . “Neko-tamago” is the one of  idea generated from the project. Neko-tamago is now on sale!

Bed for your pet “Neko-tamago”

The idea of “Neko-tamago” occurred to a consumer who notice the behavior of cat. He designs beautifully curved bed inspired by the form of egg.

MRC-DuPont was looking into the new application which is different from usual application likes vanity and kitchen counter etc.So they introduce Corian on the website, and  collect the idea from consumer. “Neko-tamago” is one of the idea from many unique ideas.

Simple & modern  “Neko-tamago” which made of Corian® match various tastes of the space. Vessel thermoformed in Corian  fits the cat’s body, make cats relaxed in it.

Corian® isn’t so influenced by the room temperature, so it works as a easy cooler for cats.
When cat doesn’t like it, you can also use it for flower vase, fruit basket,wine cooler…etc,

Elephant design gathered total 30 cats & a dog as monitor of this item.The report of the monitor is released in the site.

Price: ¥22,222-(including tax)
Size: W300 H115 L400

About MRC・DuPont

MRC・DuPont is a joint venture under E.I.Dupont and Mitsubishi-Rayon, founded in 1986.DuPont Corian is sold in Japan since 1979, MRC-Dupont has produced and sold it since 1986.


I want something I want! is the on-line community operated by Elephant design Co.,ltd. where user can join the project to develop product based real consumer needs. The way like this is simple but essential to product development.

Every user can propose their idea on the web, and comment about its design,performance,usability,price etc… Collaborating with maker and designer, Elephant design brush up the idea to the specification of product. When the request of commercialize meets minimum lot, they start the sales on the web.

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