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"Passing the Torch" Wall at the National Taipei University of Technology


The National Taipei University of Technology is one of the outstanding technical universities in Taiwan. Designer Frankie Fan and Daniel Chen have recently designed an honorary wall on 1/F. The idea of green plant symbolizes the care, the growth, and passing of the torch from alumni to the current students. The designer made good use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology for design and fabrication. The seamless property of Corian® allows designers to express their ideas without being bound by the joint lines.


(Honorary Wall of National Taipei University of Technology by Frankie Fan & Daniel  Chen of xXtralab Design Co. & Moxie Design)

The honorary wall on 1/F uses a white wall to project a clean and solemn atmosphere. It starts from “sprout”, grows as “tree”, and finishes as “forest”. This translates the school principle of education: the hand imprints of the distinguished alumni are presented as glass leaves, and the glass leaves interact with LED lighting for a variety of effects to celebrate their achievement. The tree embraces the sprouts, as if the alumni are nurturing the current students. xXtralab Design Co. and Moxie Design adopt different materials to explain this “passing the torch” concept in the form of public art, making it easier for everyone to understand.

 Materials: Corian® Glacier White (6mm), glass, LED lighting

Dimension: 4.38m (H) x 3.43m (W)

Design Company: Frankie Fan & Daniel Chen from xXtralab Design Co. & Moxie Design