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Fursys's Hot Image Tower in Eastern Seoul

Established in 1983, Fursys has been the trend leader in Korea's office furniture market in Korea.

Alongside Fursys comprehensive range of office furniture, the company also provides home furniture, school furniture and custom furniture.

Fursys has become Korea's premier furniture manufacturer and with unparalleled experience and professionalism,and  the company strives to consistently meet our clients' growing and ever-changing needs.


With the new office built in eastern Seoul, the company has choosed Corian® hot color for its image tower at the lobby.  The Image Tower is symbol of Corporate Idea & Promotion of business item. It was installed to celebrate the completion of the new building. They chose Corian® Hot for the color as red  that means an undeserved hope and burning enthusiasm.


The fabricators encountered some difficulties in the fabrication process. All joint lines were designed to be in different angles, thus each of them had to be measured, cut and treated for seaming at specific angles.  Besides, the red color has the potential whitening along the seam edges, and hence special care was needed during the fabrication process.


This image tower helps symbolize the corporate philosophy of Fursys:

  • Fursys believes in providing quality products to its customers
  • Fursys continually provides a complete service to its customers
  • Fursys is a well-established and respected company
  • Fursys places a high priority on "Design First"
  • Fursys is a company of originality


Place : Furniture company, Fursys new building in east of Seoul. 

Application : Image Tower & Countertop

Size of Image Tower

»Floor :  4.32m * 11.4m

»Tower : 2.0m * 4.32m * 8.6m

»Colors : Hot, Glacier White(6T)

»Designed by: Prof. Jeon. Shi Hyoung

»Fabricated by : Atelier