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Lunar House

Lunar House is a 2500 square foot, three bedroom, three bath speculative house designed by Hong Kong-based davidclovers for Hometta Inc., a U.S. developer. Working with Los Angeles - based artist C.E.B. Reas, davidclovers designed Lunar House re-imagining the exterior of a typical suburban home as a fresco. The painterly and illusive aspects of Reas’ line work are integrated with the windows and the building’s mass. They combine to form a translucent, glowing, shell that houses a series of terraces, live and work spaces.


Photograph of Lunar House model fabricated using Corian.

Three prototypes of Lunar House’s Corian Exterior cladding were recently displayed in Los Angeles at the Southern California Institute of Architecture as part of a davidclovers solo exhibition - prior to heading off for several other forthcoming exhibitions. The flat, sheet material is etched and formed to shape light and texture by combining 2D and 3D processes. Thinning out the material carving lines of variable depth allows fiber optic lighting to glow through the Corian, appearing to bend and re-form. The prototypes push the properties of the material producing particular massing effects; riding a delicate line between thick and thin, between superficiality and mass, between two, three and four dimensions. The enigmatic and mysterious qualities of each prototype’s texture, curves and lighting engage the visitor in what the designers refer to as an interactive fresco.

Lunar house 

Photograph of Lunar House prototypes installed at SCIArc earlier this year(Photos by Joshua White).

Lunar House prototypes installed at SCIArc 

Photograph from above of Lunar House prototypes installed at SCIArc earlier this year(Photos by Joshua White).


Detail photograph of “intense fresco” and “subtle fresco” prototypes showing fiber optic lighting and windows(Photos by Joshua White).


                                   About davidclovers

davidclovers brings together the distinguished practices of David Erdman and Clover Lee. Established in 2007 their work explores architectural massing effects. In 2009, davidclovers relocated from Los Angeles to Hong Kong. Their work is internationally recognized for its unique sensibility and how their computationally-based design methods exploit materials in innovative and surprising ways. In their first year in Hong Kong they have completed several projects and currently have three residential projects under construction. They will break ground with their first residential house in the US this Fall (Butterfly House) and will publicly release Lunar House for purchase on this Summer.

Research for the Luner House prototypes is part of a one year study conducted with Dopunt China and SpeedTop LTD(Hong Kong).

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