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Virtually everything that's possible can become a design reality with DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces and Zodiaq® quartz surfaces.  The Corian® Design Studio Philadelphia lets you see innovative and original applications and learn how Corian® can be transformed through a variety of techniques from thermoforming to carving, routing, laser etching, backlighting and much more.

Corian® solid surfaces  

Corian® conference table – seamless and pliable

Taking advantage of the extreme organic forming capabilities of DuPont™ Corian®, the design team crafted a remarkable one of a kind meeting table for representatives and clients that twists through a glass wall. One piece serving distinct functional areas highlights the great impact Corian® solid surfaces can have in a space using only form.

Corian® solid surfaces

Interior wall surfacing – no texture is impossible

In the words of designer Harry Allen, "We had seen so many patterns cut, embossed, etched, lasered, pressed, and CNC'd into Corian® that we wanted to take a stab at it. We stuck to a 45 degree angled pattern [for] continuity, but from there we just experimented and played.  The more we worked with the material, the more things we wanted to try.”

Innovative techniques applied to the Corian® wall
These are just some of the techniques used by Harry Allen and team to create the wall on display at the Corian® Design Studio, Philadelphia.

Basket Weave Pattern.
This pattern was created by heating the Corian® sheet and pressing it against a mold under many tons of pressure.  Once cooled, the panel was trimmed and the surface lightly sanded.

Pewter Corian® Integrated.
Linear "furrows" are CNC machined into this panel, inlaid with adhesive and a second DuPont™ Corian® color (Pewter), and sanded flat.

Broken Panels.
This panel is made by scoring a sheet of Corian® at room temperature, heating it and tearing the score lines when the material is hot.  This creates the "broken edge" effect.  Once the pieces are cooled they are cut to the needed dimensions and then adhered together, edge to edge, to create the textured surface of the panel.

Corian® solid surfaces

Fair Share designed by Harry Allen of Harry Allen Design and created by MacLaren Fabrication Inc.

C.H. Briggs teamed up with DuPont, elite Philadelphia-area architects & designers, and local Philadelphia fabricators to create inventive and contemporary benches made entirely of DuPont™ Corian®, a flexible design material that can be thermoformed into custom shapes and contours, sandblasted, routed, carved, laser-etched and backlit, gave participating designers almost limitless possibilities with their bench designs.

These innovative designs ignited the imagination of Philadelphia's design and architect community and created a flurry of media activity.

Click here to see more pictures showcasing the Corian® Bench Inventions.


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