Ernestomeda responds to the kitchen furnishing requirements of the discerning consumer, aware of the latest trends and in search of good design and fine quality at reasonable prices. It rewrites the rules and languages of production, transforming “Italian Design” into quality of life.
Ernestomeda has brought about a minor revolution in kitchen furnishings. Its product, pricing, network and communications have made it a highly competitive organisation, reinforced by its commitment to an absolutely new, improvement-oriented management style.
The Ernestomeda philosophy finds expression in a clearly defined style, capable of mixing experimentation, technology and design to create high-value kitchens, suitable for the increasingly wide variety of domestic landscapes all over the world.
The vast range of products, which includes more than 10 programmes subdivided into 1000 varieties of colours, finishes and materials, meets the needs and expectations of the consumer attentive to details, innovation and authentic “Made in Italy” products.
Thanks to its flair and hard work, Ernestomeda is now the benchmark in the sector.
Further to early achievement of UNI EN ISO 9001 certification, Ernestomeda reached another major milestone with UNI EN ISO 14001 certification of its Environmental Management System, reflecting its commitment to and focus on environment-friendliness.