Founded in 1870, Margaritelli began to specialise in wood in 1904. Today, it is a large multi-business group operating in diverse sectors, its name synonymous with innovative design with wood, both in Italy and around the world. The company has 900 employees and eight manufacturing plants covering 650,000 sqm.

Margaritelli, leader in the high-end hardwood flooring industry with its Listone Giordano® brand, started in 2004 a process or research and development of wall cladding and bathroom applications in the field of interior design where wood plays the leading role, also in combination with other materials, with the creation of new surfaces and volumes.

Thanks to the technology of the patented Regulfix® wall framing system, Listone Giordano® offers a new way of thinking and experiencing interior design solutions, combining the tradition and culture of wood with revolutionary technologies allowing the creation of customized environments.

Listone Giordano® contract is the framework by which Margaritelli's extensive experience of the wood industry and specific technical knowledge can be successfully combined with various materials, such as DuPont™ Corian® solid surface.

The value of these skills is demonstrated by the company’s involvement in "Corian® Nouvel Lumières" in which it has contributed to a solution that mirrors the creative vision of leading architect Jean Nouvel and his studio.