Founded 60 years ago and with an established competence and experience in woodworking, inlay artistry and ebony craftsmanship, Marotte is focussed on the production of high quality decorative panels for interior design applications. Through its wide range of solutions, Marotte helps professionals and companies of interior design to meet the functional and aesthetical needs of present and future trends. Located close to Paris, Marotte has a staff of 85 qualified professionals and a superior know-how in technologies, fabrication processes and marketing. Marotte combines craftsmanship tradition with modern technologies and fabrication systems, providing decorative solutions for interior design, characterized by constant excellence in fabrication.

The “Corian® Nouvel Lumières” project was a great opportunity for Marotte to apply its experience in textural wood panels to DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces. The panels for the “Corian® Nouvel Lumières” project have been specially designed and can be considered a technical master piece. For this project by Jean Nouvel, the research and development team of Marotte has optimized its most advanced fabrication techniques. The resulting “skyline wall” in Corian® is a superb example of translucency and quality milling.

Marotte’s company mission is to bring innovative design and textural solutions to professionals and companies serving the interior design market by combining – while paying attention to market and societal trends - its 60 years experience in wood decorative panels with new technologies.