Scholtès (a brand of Indesit Company), a leader in built-in appliances, was founded in France in 1922. Its history is full of success and innovation: in 1962 the first range of built-in appliances; in 1969, the first pyrolithic oven; in 1979, the first induction oven; in recent years, Scholtès was awarded a patent for COP (programmed optimal cooking) for the automatic cooking features of its ovens and developed the Cookeye system for assisted cooking on induction ranges.

The success of Scholtès resides in its constant commitment to research and ongoing quest for performance improvement, together with its elegant and timeless design. These values are perfectly reflected in the Attitude product line.

With the Attitude appliances product line, chosen for the “Corian® Nouvel Lumières” project, Scholtès redesigns and amplifies the kitchen environment offering revolutionary ergonomic solutions. The control panel – tilted by 45 degrees - provides more accessible control functions and safer working areas. The uniform appearance of the stainless steel surfaces, the combination with glass and the appeal of the soft-touch elements are distinctive traits strengthening the aesthetic harmonization of the entire product line