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Luxe Pack 2013| DuPont Cosmetics Packaging Solutions


"Maison Surlyn®" Unveils Its New Collection at Luxe Pack 2013

Hall Ravel D1

October 23-26, 2013

Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

The elegant and sophisticated multi-sensory “Maison Surlyn®” will be the home of DuPont Cosmetic Solutions’ artistic expression at Luxe Pack Monaco this year. For the second consecutive year, Italian designer Franscesco Lucchese will shape the DuPont stand -this time as a luxury boutique- to highlight the creative possibilities as well as the luxury appeal of Surlyn®. As very well known by the industry; Surlyn® offers perfume and cosmetic packaging designers the freedom to indulge their creativity with an infinite range of new possibilities by combining bold classicism and refinement with contemporary trends.

The stand designer Francesco Lucchese from Lucchese Design describes the stand concept as follows:

"Surlyn® Maison” is a multisensorial place where the main character DuPont™ Surlyn® is presented inside a luxury boutique that could be located in one of the most famous shopping streets of the world. The whole space speaks the language of fashion & design and it is characterized by black and white colors which are from the twenties until today are synonymous with elegance and sophistication."

"The metaphor with a real high end boutique is aimed to highlight the premium appeal of DuPont™ Surlyn® and to transform the visit to the DuPont stand into a unique and memorable experience. Visitors will feel detached from the exhibition environment. They will feel they are walking along a promenade watching shop windows and will want to enter the boutique to find the most refined goods inside. Everything, both inside and outside, is designed to make this location real."

Kaleidoscope of Possibilities  

Surlyn® - An Expression of Luxury All Around the World

DuPont™ Surlyn® offers sophistication and a boutique of reality, elegance and innovation.

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Design, Decoration and Depth – Surlyn® 3D Overmolding Technology

Truly differentiate your cosmetic and personal care packaging wih Surlyn® 3D technology.
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revolutionary technology.

Orial-Fontanel Fragrance Cap  

Collaborations to Broaden Horizons of Creativity

DuPont will present daring and stylish creations developed in partnership with major players in their sector of activity. For example a number of offerings created in collaboration with ribbon and fabric manufacturer, Oriol & Fontanel, one of its partners, will be shown.
(Image: Oriol & Fontanel)

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