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Endless Possibilities of Differentiation with DuPont™ Natrafil™,
The Innovative Cosmetic Filaments

DuPont™ Natrafil™ is a synthetic filament that feels and performs like natural hair. At Luxe Pack in Monaco, DuPont will be presenting the latest make-up brush kits incorporating DuPont™ Natrafil™ filaments.

The show is, for DuPont, a particular opportunity to share with the packaging industry the promising feedback from makeup artists that have in the past months worked with brushes made with Natrafil™.

"The makeup artists’ community is excited about these new performance levels and possibilities Natrafil™ is offering," comments Sarah Perreard, product manager, DuPont™ Natrafil™. "In the same manner, pick up and release properties of the brush is the first factor influencing buying decision for 86% of the non-professional consumers."

Thanks to Natrafil™ and its micro-structured surface, brush manufacturers are now able to develop and offer a wide array of synthetic brushes with soft and natural feel along with no compromise on performance.

Inspired by Professional Makeup Artists’ Expectations to Better Serve the Needs of the Cosmetic Brands
Working closely with professional makeup artists not only enabled DuPont to better understand the needs and wants of the most demanding consumers, it also allowed to assess the performance-in-use of Natrafil™ filaments.

Makeup artists unanimously ascribe to the greater pick up ability of Natrafil™ and its more precise deposit of the formulas. Hence, a more uniform distribution of the powder and an easier and more effective application of makeup.

Launch of the "Make Up Artists Corner" to Support the Development of Tomorrow’s Brushes…

In order to support brands and brush manufacturers development of the optimal blends of filaments for their brushes, DuPont has launched the "Make Up Artists Corner" on - a premium place where makeup artists are providing firsthand feedback about their experience in using brushes made with Natrafil™.

DuPont Innovating in Makeup Applications...

The company is renown in cosmetics for being a supplier of choice for mascara filaments and was given by cosmetic brands the challenge of inventing a synthetic cosmetic filament capable of picking up and releasing the powder as well as natural hair does. An interesting challenge, since polymers are smooth by nature, contrary to animal hair that have natural scales where powder gets hooked up and is released at skin contact.

DuPont™ Natrafil™ patented technology is the result of two unique processes. The texturing additives create a soft but structured surface, enabling powder pick up. The tipping process erodes the first scale of the filament to give it a luxurious feel and optimize the release performance. This is what enables the pickup and precise deposit even of the most challenging powders.








Cosmetic brush

Moving Away from Animal-Sourced Ingredients

As more and more cosmetic brands desire to move away from animal sourced ingredients, they have been requesting that brush manufacturers look for high performing alternatives. The next alternatives, such as chemically tipped polyester filaments, commonly called taklon, are because of their flawless polymeric structure, not providing an optimum pick up of the powder.

For the past 5 years, the DuPont marketing and development teams have been working very closely with brush manufacturers and cosmetic brands around the world to continuously improve this revolutionary filament so as to be a bound alternative to the existing brush materials. (Download hi-res version of image.)
Cosmetic brush with floating powder
Endless Possibilities of Performance with DuPont™ Natrafil™
Each brush has its own aim: grabbing and distributing a lot of powder; collecting and depositing product with accuracy, or sweeping, shading and blending powders of various shades and gradations. In the same way, each powder is different, from its density to its covering potential.
“Thanks to multiple combinations of blends made with varying proportions of Natrafil™, endless possibilities of performance can be created for each individual brush, to fit its specific application requirements and the particular makeup formula in use,” explains Sarah Perreard. (Download hi-res version of image.)
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