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Sophistication in Cosmetic Tubes, Bottles & Tottles

Cosmetic tubes, self-standing tottles and the innovative ‘bag in the bottle’ are just a few examples of the range of high-quality cosmetic packaging products available at DuPont. Building upon its reputation as a leader in perfume caps and closures, DuPont has broadened its scope of application to include cosmetic tubes, jars, bottles and tottles. Our cosmetic tubes offer transparency, squeezability and strength superior to that of other leading packaging manufacturers.

Bag in cosmetic bottles

Creative Freedom and Functionality - Bag in Cosmetic Bottles

Building upon the proven benefits in perfume caps and closures, DuPont has broadened the use of Surlyn® to include Gaplast’s latest packaging design. » Learn more
Cosmetic tubes by Tubex
Tubes with a Clear Difference
Discover a new range of cosmetic tubes developed by Tubex in collaboration with DuPont. The multilayered composite containing Surlyn® TF allows for crystal-clear transparency as well as a soft grip. » Learn more
Antistatic tottle
A Lot Goes into a Tottle
Discover a new high-gloss, soft-touch and antistatic packaging solution from DuPont, otherwise known as a tottle. The combination of a squeeze tube with a self-standing bottle is another ideal example of the power of Surlyn®. » Learn more
Langeine lip gloss tube
Langeine Lip Gloss Tube
Glass-like transparency, combined with superior squeezability, toughness and chemical resistance, made DuPont™ Surlyn® the perfect material to showcase the shimmering colors of Laneige Shining Lip Gloss. » Learn more
Lancome's Manifique Rouge cosmetic tube
Manifique Rouge by Lancome
The beauty and elegance of Magnifique Rouge by Lancome is an ideal example of the design and aesthetic capabilities from DuPont cosmetic tubes. » Learn more
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