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The Science of Superior Perfume Packaging

Fueled by their imaginations, designers and brand owners rely on DuPont innovations to bring their creative visions to life. The following are a few ways DuPont science turns inspiration into tangible solutions for perfume packaging.

Euphonie from L'Bel Fragrance

Surlyn® in Charge of Elegance and Harmony for Euphone from L'Bel Fragrance

DuPont™ Surlyn® provides freedom of design and unprecedented functionality for Euphonie from L'Bel fragrance allowing the femininity and elegance that characterize it. » Euphonie from L'Bel | Belcorp | Pieriplast
Striking Fragrance
Striking Fragrance Caps and Closures
For premium quality and design in perfume packaging, brands continue to choose DuPont. See how DuPont™ Surlyn®’s unique tactile properties and aesthetic possibilities allow brands to create their own visual identities. » Learn more
Turkish perfume packaging
Surlyn® in New Turkish Caps
The use of DuPont™ Surlyn® molding resins in the Turkish perfume packaging industry demonstrates DuPont’s growing global appeal. Both Akat and Erkul cosmetic company’s have chosen Surlyn® for the glass-like transparency, appealing surface-feel and chemical and impact resistance. » Learn more
Flowers by Kenzo perfume packaging
FlowerbyKenzo Perfume Bottle
Nine years after launching its FlowerbyKenzo perfume with its iconic poppy, Kenzo introduced FlowerbyKenzo essentielle. With its slender bottle stretched almost to breaking point, Surlyn® kept the material strong despite its delicate and transparent appearance. » Learn more