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Breakthroughs in Cream Jars and Casings

Building on industry leading performance in perfume caps and closures, DuPont™ Surlyn® lends its creative freedom to the production of cream jars, bottles and tubs. Where brands previously averted challenges they now achieve unprecedented results in the design of cream jars and casings.

Surlyn® in AmorePacific cosmetic pacakging

Leading Brands Choose Surlyn®

For its signature product line, AmorePacific relied on Surlyn® to deliver cosmetics packaging that appeals to the modern woman. Learn how the resin combines contemporary design elements for the first time in the production of bottles, tubs and cream jars. » Learn more
Cream jars
Creative Freedom and Function - Cream Jars
The compatibility of Surlyn® with many of today's cosmetic products opens up new possibilities in packaging. See some examples of how Surlyn® is changing cream jars and other cosmetic packaging. » Learn more
Surlyn® in Happylogy cream jar
The Magic of Shapes and Colors
Guerlain’s Happylogy comes in a pearly blue, softly-shaped jar made from DuPont™ Surlyn® PC 2000. Learn what makes these cream jars an achievement for Risdon AMS, Guerlain’s manufacturing partner. » Learn more
Surlyn® in Bvlgari casing
Bvlgari Selects DuPont™ Surlyn® Packaging Resins for the Casing of its New Serum Precieux
As a chip-resistant material with glass-like clarity, Surlyn® proved integral to the bottle’s durability and look of purity. Find out why bottle-maker SAF looked past other resins for this Serum Précieux. » Learn more
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