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Top brands consistently look to Surlyn® when creating unique skin care packaging. Thanks to the transparent and hardening properties of Surlyn®, makers have brought forth an array of elegant jars in unexpected shapes and looks.

Surlyn® 3D in perfume packaging

New Surlyn® 3D Technology for New Visual Effects in Luxury Cosmetic Containers and Perfume Packaging

As a genuine innovation for cosmetics containers, Surlyn® 3D outperforms other materials to produce stunning results. Take a closer look at the process that makers appreciate as cost-saving and creative designers praise as liberating. » Learn more
Happylogy cream jar
The Magic of Shapes and Colors
Guerlain’s Happylogy comes in a pearly blue, softly-shaped jar made from DuPont™ Surlyn® PC 2000. Learn what makes these cream jars an achievement for Risdon AMS, Guerlain’s manufacturing partner. » Learn more
Kenzoki/Maria Galland cream jars
Kenzoki Cream Jars
An elegant, frosted appearance, soft touch and durability with lower weight are just a few of the improvements Surlyn® has made possible for skin care packaging. Take a look at two recent examples produced by Kenzoki and Maria Galland. » Learn more
Lancome's Manifique Rouge cosmetic tubes
Manifique Rouge by Lancome
The beauty and elegance of Magnifique Rouge by Lancome is an ideal example of the design and aesthetic capabilities from DuPont cosmetic tubes. » Learn more
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