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Linkx® Fragrance Bottles from Bormioli Luigi

Surlyn® 3D Overmolding Technology

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Bormioli Luigi Linkx® fragrance bottle with Surlyn® 3D overmolding technology
Conceived by French luxury design specialist OSLD, the new fragrance bottle from Bormioli Luigi SpA consists of a gold-lacquered glass bottle fully encased in Surlyn® for a stunning decorative effect that accentuates the shape and design of the glass beneath it, as well as providing an additional layer of protection. 

The latest bottle concept from Bormioli Luigi SpA has been designed by French luxury design specialist QSLD. The twisted shape of the glass inner bottle is accentuated in perfect transparency by the thick walls of the cube, made with DuPont™ Surlyn®, that encases it. QSLD further emphasizes the contrasts shapes made possible by the overmolding technology in its choice of colors, as Christophe Guichard, QSLD President, explains: "The choice of charcoal grey for the Surlyn® outerlayer was obvious for the mood and type of design we wanted to create, and we found gold to be the best colour to enhance this smoky effect. One of the amazing possibilities of Surlyn® 3D technology is the ability to create two contrasting shapes, each of them decorated differently. This creates double the surprise!"

The successful overmolding of a glass bottle using Surlyn® 3D technology is the result of collaboration between Bormioli Luigi, DuPont and the Italian injection molding specialist Pibiplast SpA. Bormioli Luigi's patented Sparkx® glass formulation is stronger and more durable than ordinary glass and is also particularly clear in its appearance. Its properties also make it suitable for subsequent overmoulding (either entirely or partially) with Surlyn® using a unique process mastered by Pibiplast. The spectacular end result is a bottle that is almost limitless in terms of the colours and shapes adopted for both materials and also the finish of both the internal and external

“As illustrated by our latest concept, Linkx® gives free reign to one’s imagination in terms of shapes and colours and optical effects for the bottles,” claims Corrado Lusetti, marketing manager at Bormioli Luigi. “The glass provides high resistance to chemicals and alcohol and a luxurious sense of weight, whilst the shell made of Surlyn® can be used to magnify, enhance and durably protect the visual effect of the bottle, as well as rendering it far less susceptible to breakage or damage. At the same time, the material's favorable tactile properties make the bottle both smooth and pleasant to the touch. ”


Linkx® and Sparxs® are registered trademarks of Bormioli Luigi SpA