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Cosmetic Tubes with a Clear Difference

Surlyn® TF imparts transparency and a soft grip to shower and body gel tubes from Tubex

The Mexx body gel "Summer Shimmer" and the shower gel "Summer Cool" are the first commercial 

 Transparent plastic cosmetic tubes with Surlyn® TF 

New plastic tubes from Tubex offer crystal-clear transparency and a pleasantly soft grip.
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applications of a new range of plastic tubes developed by Tubex, Rangendingen, Germany, in collaboration with DuPont. They combine crystal-clear transparency with a pleasantly soft grip and present their contents, which are color-matched to the application, in an extremely attractive way.

Surlyn® TF packaging resin from DuPont has made this exceptional and trendy combination of properties possible. Surlyn® TF provides a high-quality, printable outer layer and good adhesion to the other functional layers of the 5-ply coextruded tube structure. The Mexx cosmetics range is produced by Cosmopolitan Cosmetics in Cologne, Germany.

Functionally, these highly transparent, soft tubes let users see the contents, up to the very last drop, and squeeze it all out. An EVOH barrier layer prevents fragrances and other volatile constituents from escaping from the gels, while an additional UV absorber in the coextruded structure blocks sunlight and prevents bleaching and decomposition.

According to Walter Kreidler, head of the Cosmetics Division at Tubex: "The multilayer composite containing Surlyn® TF, which is extruded as a seamless tube, takes into account the requirements of manufacturers, fillers, retailers and consumers. The tubes offer advantages in all applications requiring attractive, reliable packaging of cosmetics or chemical/technical products. After initial trials, we had to reject various possible alternatives to Surlyn® TF, either because of insufficient transparency or hardness."

The selected material composite is resistant to the formulation constituents normally used in the cosmetics industry. The outer layer made from Surlyn® TF is very suitable for high-quality, detailed printing. This helps enhance packaging appeal and also allows clear reading of barcodes.

As Peter Bernhards, head of Packaging Engineering at Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, explains: "Tubex supplies the tubes to us pre-printed, with nondetachable, press-on, flip-top closures oriented with the printed front panel of the tube. All we have to do is fill the tubes and then seal them at the bottom. Thanks to the good weldability of this new multilayer composite, we can fill at high speed without having to worry about leaks."

Tubex GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of plastic and aluminum tubes and aerosols. This family-run company has 1100 employees in Europe and operates production sites in Germany, Austria, the Republic of Ireland, Russia, Spain and China.

Cosmopolitan Cosmetics is a leading global fragrance company with 35 subsidiaries in 150 countries throughout the world. Successful fragrance and scent brands sold by this German market leader include Gucci, Dunhill, Escada, Montblanc, Rochas, Cindy Crawford, Mexx, Naomi Campbell and 4711.

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