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DuPont™ Surlyn® 3D Overmolding

Enthusiastic Customer Reception
The overmolding technology has been enthusiastically received by molders, brand owners and packaging designers alike. “Surlyn® 3D overmolding technology is recognized in the market as a genuine breakthrough which allows new and innovative effects which would be hard and costly to do with other materials,” confirms Arnaud Mastain, cosmetic market development manager at DuPont Cosmetic Solutions. “They are genuinely excited by the technology’s potential for true market differentiation, and we expect to see its first commercialization in Europe and across the world in the coming months.”

Fragrance Packaging Market Research

  • What do consumers think of existing fragrance packaging?

  • Why are they unsatisfied with many current packaging in Fragrance, Skincare and Make-Up ?

  • Are there some differences between United States and French consumers? 

  • How important is the package in their decision process?

  • What are they proposing as new innovative solutions to their eyes ?

  • What do they think about “green or sustainable” packaging in Fragrances & cosmetic packaging ?

  • How do they perceive the new Surlyn® 3D innovations in Fragrance, Nomadic Perfumes, Skincare Packaging and Make-Up Packaging ?

Sorgem Research carried on an in-depth market research on this topic through the organization of four focus groups with regular fragrance female users in the United States and France. This in-depth qualitative study uncovered the following insights:

  • Consumers are looking for more innovation. They would like to see brands break the codes of traditional packaging in perfume packaging. They would like to go away from traditional materials and identify some new modern materials. What do they expect ?

  • Consumers are not looking for sustainable packaging but expect companies to improve their footprint.

  • Consumers are complaining that they do not have a solution for on-the-go perfumes. They would use perfumes more often if they would have a packaging solution to carry with them at all times: in travel, in their hand-bag during the day.  For children and older adults, packaging with less weight is a demand.

For more details and to fully understand the consumer insights from this in-depth research, please contact Jonathan Cohen, Global Marketing Director for DuPont Cosmetics Solutions.