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DuPont™ Surlyn® featured in new jar by Risdon AMS for Guerlain's Happylogy beauty cream

Happylogy, a beauty cream belonging to Guerlain's anti-age product line, comes in a superb pearly blue, softly-shaped jar, made from DuPont™ Surlyn® PC 2000.

Molding this part was a technical challenge for several


Happylogy cream jar molding made with Surlyn®
(Click on image to download
hi-res version.)

reasons. First, as the jar has an irregular spherical shape, the walls vary significantly in thickness and reach up to 20 mm in some areas. Next, the injection gate has to be as unobtrusive - and therefore as small - as possible. Finally, despite its irregularities, the jar has to retain both its transparency - as this is how the iridescent aspect of the cup is transmitted - and the regularity of its translucent blue color.

Risdon AMS met these challenges, thanks to a combination of the company's expertise and the performance of Surlyn® PC 2000. Initially, use of different materials was considered, but resin was the final choice: It not only provides shine, but also has the advantage of withstanding forced demolding.

A subsidiary of packaging giant Crown Cork & Seal, Risdon AMS is specialized in manufacturing and selling plastic parts for the cosmetic industry and employs about 400 people.

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