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  Luxury cosmetics - Clarin perfume caps made with Surlyn® 

Caps of Surlyn® molded by French specialists Qualipac are used on Clarins' new "par Amour" perfume line. (Click on image to download a 
hi-res  version.)

perfect transparency, as well as new technologies for increased aesthetic appeal, highlighted the DuPont Cosmetic Solutions exhibit at Luxe Pack 2005 in Monaco. Value-adding materials, consulting and technical expertise are key strengths of DuPont, a leader in the field of cosmetic packaging.

DuPont presented the latest developments in electroluminescent technology for added aesthetic appeal in luxury product display and packaging. Drawing on expertise from across DuPont, the miniaturisation of electroluminescent films, batteries and controllers, has enabled the company to develop cost-efficient, working prototypes of self-illuminating bottles and POS displays. Shielded in tough, transparent DuPont™ Surlyn®, DuPont's electroluminescent technology creates new opportunities in high-performance, eye-catching cosmetics packaging with added shelf-appeal.

For Clarins' new "par Amour" perfume line, caps made by Qualipac, the French cosmetic packaging specialists, illustrated the aesthetic and functional performance of DuPont™ Surlyn® resins. The transparent, glass-like lids allow the interaction of structure and light for an elegant visual effect which enhances the overall appeal of the bottle design. The use of Surlyn® brings additional consumer-friendly features, such as lightness and chip and scratch resistance, plus the significant manufacturing advantage of allowing the production of thick parts with a clear, glass-like quality, and without voids, in an injection-molding process.

The use of Surlyn® in cosmetic applications continues to receive recognition within the packaging industry: German company Ileos GmbH won a 2005 Silver DuPont Packaging Award (by an independent jury panel), for a cream-jar developed for the Maria Galland Exclusive cosmetics line. This design is based on the idea of replacing glass with Surlyn®, and has many innovative features: in-mold application of textured finishes (eliminating the need for post-molding treatment), wonderful tactile properties and, last but not least, safety for the consumer.

DuPont also promoted its new decorating technology based on Delrin® acetal resin. Delrin® has long been used for numerous functional parts in cosmetics dispensers, which were then combined with aesthetic parts in other materials. Now, new grades and processes enable Delrin® to be painted or plated, allowing designers more freedom to integrate form and function into fewer parts, often reducing cost and increasing productivity.

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