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A Precious Touch for Nivea Beauté Lipstick Caps

DuPont™ Surlyn® helps Beiersdorf catch the consumer's eye

A transparent lens, made from DuPont™ Surlyn®, adorns two lipsticks of the 'Nivea Beauté' range


Beiersdorf 'Nivea Beauté' lipstick cap
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from Beiersdorf of Hamburg, Germany. Its development marks one of the first applications of the packaging polymer, with exceptional benefits such as ease-of-processing and a high-end appearance, in a cosmetic product that is targeted at a wide consumer base.

Because of intense competition in the cosmetics sector, many manufacturers rely

 on sophisticated packaging made with high-grade materials to catch the consumer's eye. Many internationally known luxury brands turn to Surlyn® as an alternative to glass for their caps and closures or cream jars, taking advantage of the material's crystal-clear transparency, luxurious image and chemical resistance.

The new application from Beiersdorf shows that the benefits of Surlyn® are not limited to the luxury goods market. When reviewing the design of its cosmetics range 'Nivea Beauté', the company wanted to emphasize the range's elegance and precious appearance. Thus, a transparent lens made from Surlyn® PC 2000 adorns the blue and silver matt-metallized caps of its Color Passion and Color Passion Brilliance lipsticks. According to Katja Klenner, responsible for packaging development at Beiersdorf, "In our experience, an attractive, premium packaging will attract consumers. Therefore we decided to give ours a special touch with Surlyn® packaging polymer from DuPont."

The packaging manufacturer, OEKAMETALL from Bamberg, Germany, gained initial experience of working with Surlyn® when producing perfume caps. "We tested numerous materials, but only Surlyn® met all requirements. Despite large wall-thicknesses, a high degree of transparency and luminance can be achieved without sink marks or voids. Furthermore, the lower processing temperature, when compared to other thermoplastics, is beneficial to the entire production cycle. The cycle times are relatively short despite the size of injection-molded part," says Matthias Hahn, project leader at Oekametall. The manufacturing process was further optimized with the assistance of DuPont.

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