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Striking Caps and Closures for Fragrance Packaging

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Surlyn® provides scratch- and abrasion-resistance, stiffness, chemical resistance, and ease-of-manufacturing

Selecting packaging materials is an art, a science, and an essential aspect of luxury goods marketing. With its unique combination of design freedom, glass-like clarity, functional performance, appealing tactile properties and ease of production, DuPont™ Surlyn® continues to find recognition among leading fragrances and cosmetics brands, enabling them to create packaging with maximum consumer appeal.

Whether replicating the intricate shape of a petalled flower, or creating a minimalist, thick-walled closure with differing thicknesses from one side to another, Surlyn® allows the production of fragrance caps and closures that are as elegant as the glass bottles they adorn.

L'instant Guerlain perfume caps

L'instant Guerlain decorative perfume caps

L'instant and Insolence de Guerlain, with their distinctively-shaped closures, are prime examples of glass replacement by DuPont™ Surlyn®: glass-like clarity, without its weight or fragility, coupled with an appealing surface-feel and ease of production.

In harmony with the bottle, caps and other parts made of Surlyn® are

  "Gift" fragrance cap with Surlyn® 

The closure of "Gift", a fragrance from the Spanish company Béjar Perfums i Cosmètics, is a perfect example of the ability of DuPont™ Surlyn® to produce transparent parts with centimetre-thick walls coupled with color adherence of the cap with the bottle and it contents.


Oriental Gold Skin perfume caps
A visual representation of a precious stone, the packaging of "Oriental Gold Skin", from Béjar Perfums i Cosmètics, is enhanced by the frosted appearance of the cap made of DuPont™ Surlyn®, achieved in a single injection-molding operation.

crystal-clear,  without sink marks or voids. Surface textures and effects, such as frosted or polished effects, often can be created in a single process. Matching or coordinating colors of the cap, bottle and contents can be achieved with the simple use of color masterbatches. Further room for creativity is enabled by the excellent compatibility of Surlyn® with laser welding, which helps designers integrate additional elements into the cap.

Compared with alternatives such as aluminum, PMMA or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Surlyn® has convinced many premium fragrance brands of its overall cost-effectiveness. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it provides scratch- and abrasion-resistance, stiffness, and chemical resistance, as well as ease-of-manufacturing.

"The capability of Surlyn® to help fragrance brands create successful packaging concepts is endless," said Danielle Blomert, global business manager at DuPont Cosmetic Solutions. "Caps and closures made of Surlyn® lend a premium quality appearance to luxury packaging, yet they are tough enough to meet the requirements of this global industry in terms of production, transportation, distribution and daily use."

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