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Surlyn® 3D Technology Offers Visual Effects for Cosmetics Packaging

Surlyn® 3D technology involves the overmolding of a single or multilayer polymer inner container with glass-like transparent, highly-durable Surlyn® resins. Named Surlyn® 3D, the D’s stand for Design, Decoration and Depth.  Enhancements from DuPont include:

  • Shapes and colors for the inner and outer containers of perfume, personal care and make-up packaging.

  • Material combinations for improved barrier properties and chemical resistance according to the cosmetics ingredients and application.

The Result?  Creation of cosmetic and perfume packaging with glass-like transparency, luxury decorative effects and increased consumer safety and convenience that simultaneously reflect brand identity and achieve product differentiation.

Why 3D?

Design Freedom:   Surlyn® 3D pushes the limits of design by offering customers the freedom to 


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Surlyn® 3D overmolding technology for cosmetics packaging 


The Surlyn® 3D technology offers greater design freedom in the production of perfume, personal care and make-up packaging in different shapes and with a range of visual effects – from crystal transparency, colored translucence to frosted effects.

manufacture inner and outer containers of opposing shapes with a range of visual effects, such as crystal transparency, colored translucence and frosted effects.

Decoration:   The polymers and unique production process enables simple, cost-effective decoration of the inner and outer container surfaces, which remain protected and scratch-resistant without the addition of coatings and varnishes.  The process easily enables the production of Limited Editions and flankers with the same molds.

Depth:   Familiarity with the technology have led DuPont to develop new colors, textures, shapes and sizes of the inner and outer containers. The overmolded Surlyn® provides a protective, thick-walled outer shell with a deep, glass-like appearance, yet with no risk of breakage.  It allows greater control of wall thickness and tighter dimensional tolerances vs. producing with glass.

Surlyn® 3D overmolding differentiates products from others in that it offers:

  • Greater consumer safety, especially around children.
  • Convenience and lighter weight for “on-the-go” products, such as luxury purse sprays.
  • Cost and environmental savings in terms of transportation, energy and CO2 emissions because of its lighter, all-polymer construction.

How it works - a unique patented process

The overmolding technology consists of two manufacturing steps including two different processing techniques. The inner container can be mono or multilayers and made of different materials (polypropylene, copolyesters…) depending on the required barrier performance and chemical resistance, as well as the desired decorative effects. It is manufactured by extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding or the assembly of injected molded parts. The inner container is subsequently overmolded with Surlyn® by injection molding using a unique process developed and patented by the DuPont affiliate in Japan, MDP (DuPont-Mitsui Polychemicals).

No new machinery is needed in the manufacutring process, and glass or metal inserts can be added and designed to match your needs, giving a unique luxury feel to your application---from fragrance and skin care to mascara and nail polish containers.

In addition, and in order to extend the application of Surlyn® 3D, DuPont has invested in the training of a number of molders worldwide in the adoption and use of the overmolding technology, where production will take place under license.


  • Fragrance bottles
  • Purse spray and travel-size perfume bottles
  • Skin care bottles and cream jars
  • Mascara bottles
  • Nail polish bottles
  • Lip gloss bottles
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