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Preserving Facial Contours

The curves of Oscar Niemeyer's architecture inspired this dynamic contoured cosmetic cream jar.

O'Boticario's Vitactive cosmetic cream jar made with DuPont Surlyn® 

The unique and sensual curves of the buildings created by famous architect Oscar Niemeyer make the city of Brasilia a dynamic sight to see. O'Boticário pays homage to the round contours of Niemeyer's creations with a unique package design for their Vitactive anti-aging cream.

Following initial successful adoption for several of its fragrances, well-known Brazilian cosmetic company O'Boticário has chosen DuPont™ Surlyn® for the packaging of its Vitactive new anti-aging cream. Available on the South-American market since mid-June 2006, the product is part of a recently-launched luxury skincare line, which is the result of in-depth market research with over three thousand consumers. Surlyn® was selected as the material for the round cream jars as it allows the creation of thick-walled packaging with glass-like transparency. This decision is a true innovation in the Brazilian personal care market, traditionally dominated by glass.

Leading French designer Thierry de Baschmakoff created the sophisticated packaging for the Vitactive line around the themes gold and pearl.  "I tried to capture the round shapes that Oscar Niemayer incorporated in the country's architecture. There are no straight lines in the entire range," says Thierry de Baschmakoff, whose packaging creations have already brought success to many international luxury brands such as Bulgari, Cartier, Versace, Dior, among others.

Cosmetics and luxury goods packaging designers appreciate the creative freedom Surlyn® provides, in particular the fact that it looks like glass, without the weight or fragility. Furthermore, Surlyn® can be frosted, faceted or finished to obtain special effects, or easily coloured to create elegant translucency. TPI Molplastic Ltda TECHPACK, the Brazilian subsidiary of Alcan, produced the jars. "We selected Surlyn® because of its transparency and properties which enable the efficient production of a thick-walled jar. Whilst other materials do exist, Surlyn® was selected for this project as it presented the best combination of processing characteristics and visual appeal required by O'Boticário," says Ricardo Petriccione, marketing manager at TPI.

"We considered producing the jar in glass, but eliminated this option quite early in the material selection process due to difficulties in producing the desired wall thickness. We tested other resins as well, but Surlyn® was the only one that met our expectations in terms of compatibility, transparency and converter technical expertise," comments Ligia Baruque, O Boticario's packaging development manager. "Ultimately we have obtained an aesthetically appealing product with the desired level of transparency and a perfect finish."

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