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Turning a Creative Vision into a Tangible Cosmetic Packaging Design

Browse our ever-evolving design gallery and learn the many different ways we use sophisticated scientific technology to produce intricate, elegant and durable cosmetic packaging design.

Biomax® PTT for glossy cosmetic packaging

Glossy by Nature

Derived from renewable resources, Biomax® PTT is a superior aesthetics material that is scratch-resistant, glossy and ideal for cosmetic packaging design. » Glossy cosmetic packaging design
Surlyn® in glass perfume bottle
Crystal Angel
The authentic glass bottle is dressed with the delicate, elegant, unbreakable and personalized Surlyn® wing. » Angel perfume packaging
Nomadic perfume bottle
Nomadic Lifestyle
Surlyn® scratch-resistant layers create light-weight, durable bottles perfect for life on-the-go. » Nomadic perfume packaging
Surlyn® in mascara packaging
Carry What You Are
Surlyn® lets you bring luxurious transparency to mascara packaging. Explore the possibilities DuPont™ Surlyn® can bring to your cosmetic packaging design solutions. » Mascara packaging with Surlyn®
Abyssal deepness in cosmetic packaging
Abyssal Deepness
Surlyn® opens up new design possibilities such as interior decoration, variable wall thickness and a mix of frosted and glossy surfaces. » Cosmetic packaging design with Surlyn® offers variety
Graceful gourmandise
Graceful Gourmandise
Explore new levels of sophistication and durability in bottle design with Surlyn® such as interior decorative effects. » Cosmetic bottles
Surlyn® 3D overmolding in cosmetic packaging
Everywhere Romance
Play with the combination of colors, textures and shapes on both inner and outer bottle layers with Surlyn® 3D overmolding technology. » Cosmetic bottles with Surlyn® 3D
Bag in cosmetic bottle
Pure Ingredients
To keep cosmetic ingredients pristine and untainted, DuPont Surlyn® was integral in the development of the “bag-in-a-bottle.” This innovative cosmetic packaging design is made with DuPont™ Surlyn® to ensure its contents stay pure and fresh. » Protecting cosmetic packaging
Fragrance caps
Artistry in Fragrance Caps
Thanks to Surlyn®’s optimum thickness, transparency and resistance, Hera Mhun’s eau de toilette was able to recreate their “circle in a square” visual identity in the form of a fragrance cap. » Hera Mhun perfume cap
par Amour fragrance of love
Clearly a Fragrance of Love
Through the use of Surlyn®, Clarins’ was able to create a cap for “par Amour” that offered the dazzling light effects of glass in a lighter weight material resistant to chips and scratches. » Perfume cap by Clarins
Avon fragrance packaging
A Trilogy of Fragrances
Avon’s fragrance collection “Today, Tomorrow and Always” is an ideal example of the functionality available with Dupont™ Surlyn®. From its elegant appearance, to it’s practicality, Surlyn® helped transform Avon’s design visions into reality. » Avon perfume packaging
Electroluminescent technology
"Light Up" with Surlyn®
Set a new standard in shelf appeal with the use of DuPont’s electroluminescent technology. Our illuminated point of sale displays will help differentiate your cosmetic packaging design from the competition. » Illuminating cosmetic packaging design
Lip gloss packaging with DuPont™ Surlyn®
Shining Lip Gloss
Glass-like transparency, combined with superior squeezability, toughness and chemical resistance, made DuPont™ Surlyn® the perfect material to showcase the shimmering colors of Laneige Shining Lip Gloss. » Lip gloss packaging by Laneige
Boticario luxury perfume bottle with DuPont™ Surlyn®
Luxury Fragrances
The incorporation of art into cosmetic packaging design is no more apparent than in the fragrance Rhea by O Boticario. Etched with sinewy, flowing vines and roses, the intricate bottle and cap design was only made possible with the use DuPont™ Surlyn®. » Boticario luxury packaging
Boticario cream jar
Preserving Facial Contours
DuPont™ Surlyn®’s creative freedom and design capabilities made it an easy choice for Brazilian cosmetics company O Boticario. The sleek, round contour of their Viactive anti-aging cream packaging provides another example of DuPont’s packaging potential. » Boticario Viactive cream jar
DuPont™ Surlyn® in cosmetic packaging
More Examples in Surlyn®
From product clarity to design and shape, the possibilities available with Surlyn® can be seen in a variety of mediums. Learn more about the power of Surlyn® in cosmetic packaging design. » Cosmetic packaging design with Surlyn®
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Learn more about cosmetic packaging design solutions from DuPont and how we create elegant, cost-effective consumer packaging for cosmetics and personal care products.

Examples of Cosmetics Packaging Inspired by Surlyn®

Cosmetics packaging inspired by Surlyn® 

"New Decorative Effects with Surlyn®"

Find out how the unique properties of DuPont™ Surlyn® can help you create new texture effects, special colors and high glossiness for your cosmetic applications. » Learn more 

Surlyn® 3D Technology - Design - Decoration - Depth 

Surlyn® 3D Overmolding Technology - front page of brochure 

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