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Clearly Love

Crystal-clear caps with the look and feel of glass reveal the sweetness of love in Clarins' "par Amour" fragrances.

Clarins' perfume cap made with DuPont Surlyn® 

Symbolized by a heart, Clarins' "par Amour" fragrance line embodies the sweetness and gentle nature of unconditional love.  The cap offers the clarity and dazzling light effects of glass in a lighter weight material that's easier to manufacture and resists chips and scratches.  The use of DuPont™ Surlyn® gives the cap a smooth, glass-like feel in a thick, luxurious shape.

For Clarins' new "par Amour" perfume line, caps made by Qualipac, the French cosmetic packaging specialists, illustrated the aesthetic and functional performance of DuPont™ Surlyn® resins. The transparent, glass-like caps allow the interaction of structure and light for an elegant visual effect which enhances the overall appeal of the bottle design. The use of Surlyn® brings additional consumer-friendly features, such as lightness and chip and scratch resistance, plus the significant manufacturing advantage of allowing the production of thick parts with a clear, glass-like quality, and without voids, in an injection-molding process.

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