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Decadent Art Nouveau meets transparency and purity to create timeless elegance.

Boticario's Rhea perfume cap and bottle 

The distinct style of Art Nouveau inspired intricate works of art infused with a graceful, bold style reminiscent of nature itself. To honor the lush fragrances of roses and wine present in the new vine alcohol based fragrance, Rhea, by O Boticario, the bottle is etched with abstract vines and roses. In order to guarantee a success similar to Rhea's predecessor, Malbec, O' Boticario has chosen DuPont™ Surlyn® to give a fine decorative effect for its perfume cap.

"We used the Surlyn® resin as it shows a perfect transparency, an excellent versatility and beauty that adds a significant value to the final product," said Ligia Baruque, O Boticário’s packaging development manager. Furthermore, the cap of Surlyn® could be individually shaped, combining chemical resistance to the fragrance, functionality and aesthetics properties.

The packaging for Rhea was inspired by the art nouveau and retro trend. The creation of French designer Alain Mourgues, it is cone-shaped, of straight lines and rounded on the corners. The frozen retro decoration is from motives tied to the rose and to the grapevine. The lid is metallic and rosy with a transparent stripe in the middle, with a similar decoration of the flask on the metallic part.

Surlyn® is ultra-clear and super-tough, for clear-as-glass plastic molded parts and bright, glossy films with outstanding toughness and puncture resistance. It can be frosted, faceted or finished for special glass-like effects, and can be colored with complete design freedom to create elegant translucency. With its low thermal mass compared with glass and most other plastics, Surlyn® has a ‘warm touch’, further enhancing the luxury goods experience.