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Cosmetic Packaging Products
From pouch films to cap seals and bonding resins, our products use state-of-the-art technology to create the most efficient, cost-effective and beautiful cosmetics packaging products in the market today. » Learn more
Cosmetic Packaging Uses & Applications
Uses & Applications
DuPont improves the full spectrum of cosmetic and personal care products worldwide—from packaging and applications, to retail environments, tactile wipes, fabrics and scientific ingredients. » Learn More
Cosmetic Packaging Design Gallery
Design Gallery
From inspiration to final product, designers and cosmetic brand owners rely on DuPont to bring their cosmetics packaging to life. » Learn more
Cosmetic Packaging Case Studies
Case Studies
Learn more about cosmetics packaging from DuPont and how we create elegant, cost-effective packaging solutions for cosmetics and personal care products. » Learn more
DuPont Cosmetics Brochure

DuPont Cosmetics Brochure

Discover the Power of DuPont Solutions for Cosmetics

Product Offering

DuPont Cosmetics Product Overview

 Review our Offerings for Cosmetic Ingredients, Packaging and Performance Filaments

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