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DuPont™ Gotalene® - Exfoliating Powders for Personal Care Products

Gotalene® powders are effective and well-tolerated exfoliating powders for personal care products. They are chemically inert and show anti-aging benefits. They are therefore ideal additives for applications such as peeling creams and industrial soaps.

Gotalene® powders are registered CTF/INC under polyethylene. DuPont offers full custom manufacturing services including polymer precipitation, cryogenic and ambient milling, air-classification, compounding and dry blending.

DuPont's customer service package includes the experience and know-how of polymer specialists and engineers, as well as privileged links to institutes of technology. This makes DuPont a preferred partner for the development, process design, and manufacturing of custom-made products using Gotalene® powders.