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Cosmetic Packaging Products from DuPont:
Your Vision, Our Science

Products and services provided by DuPont Packaging help fuel the creative inspirations of global cosmetics manufacturers. Our advanced line of resins and filaments provide both unparalleled design freedoms and improved product functionality. See how DuPont science takes creativity from concept to final delivery.

DuPont clear molding resins

Molding Resins

DuPont molding resins deliver a more refined look for packaging components, including a higher gloss, a nicer feel and greater convenience for caps, cases, bottles and more. » Molding resins
DuPont blow molding resins
Blow Molding Resins
Explore the wide-ranging benefits of DuPont's easy-to-process blow molding resins, such as scratch resistance, squeezability and barrier performance. » Blow molding resins
DuPont extrusion resins
Extrusion Resins
DuPont offers a range of high-performance resins suited to extrusion and constructon processing for tubes, sample sachets, pouches and film-based cosmetics packaging. » Extrusion resins
Cosmetic brush filaments
Enhance your ability to design versatile, durable products with our specially engineered Tynex® filaments. » Brush filaments
Case Studies

Learn about cosmetic packaging solutions from DuPont and how we create elegant, cost-effective consumer packaging for cosmetics and personal care products.

Design Gallery

From inspiration to final product, designers and cosmetic brand owners rely on DuPont to bring their cosmetic packaging to life.

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