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Injection Molding Resins; Setting a Higher Standard in Innovation

For decades, DuPont science has focused on and supported the cosmetics packaging and decorative parts industries, developing some of the most attractive and durable injection molding resins available.

DuPont™ Surlyn® PC Resins-decorative shapes

DuPont™ Surlyn® PC Resins

When it comes to prestigious cosmetic packaging, brands rely on Surlyn® PC resins for glass-like transparency, ease of molding into complex shapes, and cost-efficient decorative effects. » Learn more
Case Studies

Learn about cosmetic packaging solutions from DuPont and how we create elegant, cost-effective consumer packaging for cosmetics and personal care products.

Design Gallery

From inspiration to final product, designers and cosmetic brand owners rely on DuPont to bring their cosmetic packaging to life.

Sustainable Packaging

Through innovation and science we are reducing the amount of materials used in cosmetic packaging. See how we’re working toward a day when all packaging is sustainable and recyclable.

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