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DuPont Crop Protection Middle East & Africa

Curzate®M 40 DF fungicide

Fungicide for the control of mildew, blight and other fungal diseases on grape vines, potatoes and vegetables

Dispersible granules containing 4% Cymoxanil  and  40% Mancozeb

The good reasons to choose Curzate® M 40 DF:

  • Du Pont Curzate® fungicides provide superior control of Peronosporales pathogens.
  • A unique mode of action combining the preventive activity of MANCOZEBE and the curative action of CYMOXANIL for a complete and efficient control.
  • The biological activity of the active ingredient has four distinctive and complementary characteristics: contact action, penetrating, post-infection and anti-sporulating.
  • It penetrates rapidly into the plant tissue and hence cannot be washed off by rain.


Curzate® M 40 DF 


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