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Containing bromadiolone, TOMCAT® 2 rodenticides are proven effective on UK farms against rats and mice, even those resistant to some other anticoagulants.

Key Information

  • Highly palatable
  • Kills rodents resistant to some other anticoagulants
  • Contains bittering agent to deter consumption by children
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Combating Rat Infestations

Placing the bait directly in the rats burrow (Burrow Baiting) is often the fastest way to get them to take bait. Place one TOMCAT® 2 Place Pac (no need to open) or two to three TOMCAT® 2 BLOX™ well inside the burrow and lightly kick-in the entrance. After two days, check the burrows and repeat the procedure on any that have been reopened. Continue the procedure of checking burrows and replenishing bait until all bait in a burrow remains unopened, indicating that the rats have died.

TOMCAT® 2 can also be placed on the surface, in tamper resistant bait stations, where rats are thought to be active. Place the rat bait station, containing either three TOMCAT® 2 BLOX™ or 50-250 grams of TOMCAT® 2 Pellets, near gnawed openings, nests, runways etc and check and replenish with bait every two days. If the bait in a particular location is not being eaten, try moving it to another where rats are thought to be active. Complete rat control can take 15 days or more.

To prevent reinfestation, set up an outside perimeter baiting programme using TOMCAT® rat bait stations maintained with TOMCAT® 2 baits. Inspect bait stations at least monthly and more frequently in the autumn season replenishing with bait as necessary.

Combating Mice Infestations

While all TOMCAT® 2 baits work well against mice, TOMCAT® 2 BLOX™ is usually the preferred bait due to their ease of use, exceptional palatability to mice, and safety when used within a TOMCAT® mouse bait station.

One TOMCAT® 2 BLOX™ or 20-30 grams of TOMCAT® 2 Pellets should be placed at frequent intervals (usually every two metres) where mice or their signs are present.  These areas include gnawed openings, nests, and runways etc where fresh droppings are found.  Bait should be placed in TOMCAT® mouse bait stations and inspected every two days.  Replenish with bait as necessary. Complete mouse control can take 30 days or more.

To prevent reinfestation, permanent TOMCAT® mouse bait stations should be placed in areas where mice have been present and maintained with TOMCAT2 baits.  Stations should be inspected at least monthly and more often during the autumn season replenishing with bait as necessary.

Six Simple Steps to Successful Baiting

1. Choose the right bait for the job

Your choice of rodenticide depends upon the situation, both the rodent species involved and the
severity/persistence of the infestation.

2.  Place bait where rodents travel

Your inspection will identify the problem areas and the species involved. Place bait where rats and mice will find it.

3. Place enough bait to get rid of rodents

Keep up a fresh supply of bait until rodent activity ceases.
Remove any spoiled bait; rodents will not eat rancid bait.
Monitor bait stations and other baiting efforts on a regular, systematic basis.

4. Always read the rodenticide label before placing the bait

The label instructions give useful information on bait placement.

5. Use TOMCAT® bait stations wherever safety is a concern

Tamper resistant TOMCAT® bait stations keep bait away from children, pets and non-target animals. Bait stays fresh longer in bait stations.

6. Eliminate the rodents’ food, water and harbourage after baiting wherever possible

Knock down the population first using bait before applying sanitation measures as disrupting the rodents’ environment may send them scurrying and the problem will resurface in a different location.

Statutory Conditions Relating to use in the United Kingdom

 Authorised for use by amateurs and professionals

Situation: Indoor and Outdoor

  • Prevent access to bait by children, birds and non-target animals particularly dogs, cats, pigs & poultry.
  • Search for rodent bodies and dispose of safely (e.g. burn or bury). Do not dispose of in refuse sacks or open rubbish tips.
  • Remove all remains of bait and bait containers after treatment and dispose of safely (e.g. burn or bury). Do not dispose of in refuse sacks or open rubbish tips.
  • DO NOT place bait where food, feed or water could become contaminated.
  • Avoid all contact by mouth.
  • READ ALL precautions before use.  HSE No. 7260 & 7261

Always read the label. Use pesticides responsibly and safely.

DuPont Animal Health Solutions supports and promotes the responsible use of rodenticides.

The specified uses and registered claims for TOMCAT® 2 Rodenticides may vary from country to country.  Please contact DuPont Animal Health Solutions directly to verify country specific approved usages.

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