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Why Choose DuPont Dimethyl Sulfate?

Unmatched Product Stewardship

DuPont offers training and support to ensure our products are handled safely. We make available to customers a variety of safety videotapes, seminars, and site safety surveys.

Dependable Shipments

Our shipping record is excellent. Your order will be delivered by personnel trained to handle DMS properly and safely.

U. S. Sales & Service

To request additional product information, please use our convenient toll-free telephone number. If you prefer you may contact us by traditional postal service.

By Telephone in the U.S.

By Traditional Mail
DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts (DC&F)
P.O. Box 80019
Wilmington, DE 19880-0023

International Sales and Service

DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise
13th Floor, Hung Kuo Building
167 Tun Hwa North Road
Taipei 105, Taiwan
Phone (886) 2 2514 4431
Facsimile (886) 2 2712 9617  

DuPont de Numours International S.A.
2, chemin du Pavillon
P.O. Box 50
CH-1218 Le Grand Saconnex
Geneva, Switzerland
(22) 717- 5111

DuPont de Nemours (Belgium)
DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise
Antwerp Distribution & Customer Center
Haven 500
B-2030 Antwerpen
Telephone: +32-3-543.1301
Fax: +32-3-543.1390  

DuPont Canada Inc.
DuPont Chemicals
P.O. Box 2200, Streetsville
Mississauga, Ontario
L5M 2H3 Canada
(905) 821-3300  
DuPont, S.A.
Av. Rangel Frias No. 5635-B
Col. Del Maestro
CP 64180 Monterrey, Nuevo León
Phone: 01-81-8311-4371 Ext. 4015
Fax: 01-81-8311-0397  
DuPont South America -- DCSE
Barueri - 06454.080 - C.P. 263
São Paulo - Brazil
Telephone: 55 11 4166-8337
Fax: 55 11 4166-8760