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DuPont polymers are often chosen to help stick things together … including other polymers. Polymer adhesives from DuPont are scientifically developed for stronger hold, faster sealing, cleaner peel, or easier coating onto a substrate.

DuPont resins are developed for reliable performance in high-speed laminating or product assembly lines. Some also are found in consumer-level adhesives and hot melts.

DuPont supports leading adhesives formulators, compounders and packaging converters worldwide by providing specialized processing or adhesion properties for specific uses.

Adhesion solutions include:

· self-adhesive heat-seal polymers for hermetic food packaging
· scientifically controlled adhesive polymers for easy-open packaging
· solar panel encapsulants and glass laminating interlayers
· polymer-to-polymer adhesives and “tie layers” for coextrusion
· extrusion-coated adhesives for paper, foil, etc.
· ingredients in white glues, hot melt adhesives, and wax blends
· coupling agents for filled polymers
· binders for paper and textile manufacturing
· peelable and tamper-evident adhesives for lidding