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Lubricants help to make your world run smooth.  DuPont offers a variety of lubricants and dry film products, offering solutions in demanding lubrication applications in environments containing harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures or where a low volatility, non-flammable lubricant is required.  DuPont also offers internal lubricants that will migrate to the surface to reduce wear and abrasion and to improve polymer throughput and flow properties.  Polymer Additives are the product of choice where low wear and abrasion, squeak/noise reduction, lubricity, improved melt flow, and metal release properties of polymer compounds are primary requirements. Common applications include polymer gears/bushings, rubber o-rings/seals, polymer films, snowboards, shoe soles/cleats, automotive weather stripping, and processing aids. 

No matter the industry, Aerospace to Automotive, Food to Power Gen, Corrugator to Rotational Molding, as well as Consumer, DuPont brings the science in developing the chemistries to meet your lubricant needs.  DuPont Performance Lubricants and Coatings offer a unique combination of properties that provide exceptional solutions to your most difficult problems.

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