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Detecting Microbial Contamination in Food--Recent trends in global food production, processing, distribution and preparation include new methods of risk analysis to control and prevent foodborne illness. These methods focus on science-based tools for efficient, reliable results. Through its Qualicon business, DuPont offers several science-based tools to meet the microbial risk assessment needs of food processors. In 1995, the BAX(R) system was the first method to apply Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)--a Nobel Prize winning technology--to the detection of bacteria in food; today, this genetics-based system has become a standard analysis tool in many quality control labs around the world. DuPont also offers the antibody-based Lateral Flow System(tm), a less sophisticated but reliable alternative for screening food products. You can find out more about these innovative tools by clicking on the links in the sidebar.


The DuPont Food Risk Assessment business has worked with leading companies in the industry to identify and help eliminate any potential food safety and spoilage risks in their operations associated with microbial contamination, product traceability, bioterrorism and security.