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Hydrogen, Reformate, and Direct Methanol Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs)
When you require maximum power density, durability, and cost-efficiency, look no further than DuPont Fuel Cells. We create three- and five-layer integrated MEAs.


Our three-layer MEA has the electrodes applied directly to the Nafion® membrane. Our five-layer MEA has a Nafion® membrane, with two electrodes and two gas diffusion layers, and is available with integrated sealing technology.


DuPont puts a long tradition of science and engineering into the development of all our fuel cell products. We leverage high-level expertise in polymer chemistry, materials engineering, and catalysis to create MEAs that are smaller and more durable. DuPont MEAs set the standard for power density and durability in a variety of fuel cell applications from buses, forklifts, and scooters to laptops, cellular phones, and stationary generators.