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Package seal integrity. It’s what keeps the inside in, and the outside out.

DuPont introduced the world’s premier heat seal resins in the 1960s, leading to the rapid expansion of flexible packaging into foods and other hard-to-seal products. Delivering quick seals and adhesion to or through just about anything, DuPont packaging sealants became a leading choice for quality-oriented marketers.

DuPont sealant resins are now found in food, medical and other consumer goods packages worldwide. They help keep yogurt in its cup and water in its bottle, marinated meats fresh and tidy, and medical products clean and efficiently distributed to care-givers. Specialized DuPont sealants also help engineers create consumer packaging features such as easy opening and directional tear.

DuPont sealant resins are engineered for high-speed production of fresh, attractive packages filled anywhere and shipped everywhere.