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Look to DuPont for a comprehensive range of engineering polymers and resources to help you meet needs for rugged, economical components and products. DuPont engineering polymers have proven their value for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications in automotive, electrical, electronics, appliances, business machines, sporting goods and other fields.


DuPont engineering polymers give you the freedom to design for both performance and cost savings. Using injection molding or other economical thermoplastic processing techniques. they are readily transformed into multifunctional parts. Multifunctional part design can save costs by reducing part count and eliminating assembly and finishing steps.
Global availability
Wherever in the world you have engineering, manufacturing or molding operations, DuPont is geared to serve you and your suppliers. Competent, locally based technical support is available in 65 countries worldwide. And we produce and/or compound engineering polymers at strategically placed sites in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Americas.
You and your suppliers can count on DuPont to deliver engineering polymers of uniformly high quality around the world. All of our manufacturing sites are certified to the ISO 9001 or 9002 standard.