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Need a food package that's thinner, clearer or more protective? How about a solar panel that collects more light? Or a roof that stays cooler, or a road that lasts longer, or a golf ball that plays better?

DuPont ethylene copolymers have been meeting needs such as these for decades, resulting in hundreds of ready-to-use polymers with dependable performance advantages in consumer, medical, construction, automotive and many other markets. These specialty copolymers range from “soft-touch” to “supertough,” from crystal clear to modified and filled.

DuPont uses its science to deliver ethylene copolymers with sustainable performance advantages such as faster processing, extra toughness, better cold-temperature flexibility, extra clarity, softer touch, better heat and oil resistance, better sound deadening or more reliable sealing and adhesion.

DuPont R&D enables the rapid development of new ethylene copolymers as needed to meet emerging or advancing end-use requirements.