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DuPont Printing Substrates help bring strength, durability and vibrant colors to everything you print—banners that won’t fade or rip under punishing exposure to the elements, ski tags that will survive the most challenging downhill runs all day and labels for everything from legal pouches to shellfish.  DuPont Printable surfaces help ensure your printed materials will last and continue to look great.  Even better, DuPont substrates are easy-to-use and affordable.  With a variety of finishes and thicknesses to choose from, there’s a DuPont application to fit every printing need. Printing substrates from DuPont offer solutions to help you create tags, label and wristbands that are easier to see, more comfortable to wear and stand up to moisture and other challenges. They also help you turn banners and signs into weatherproof ads and maps and guidebooks that endure high-use and refolding.