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From Kevlar® bullet-resistant materials, to Nomex® fire-resistant fabrics, DuPont has built its reputation on creating the materials that protect what matters most.

With so much invested in your datacommunications network, you want to protect it as best you can. In a fire, cables can be a significant source of fire load and smoke, and smoke can be a leading cause of IT system damage and personal injury. DuPont™ certified limited combustible cables have the most advanced fire safety performance technology available.

Introducing DuPont™ Abandoned Cable Services. Abandoned cable is a hidden hazard in our buildings today and contributes fuel load in concealed spaces and, in some jurisdictions, it is required by code to be removed. Learn why the stakes are high in effectively addressing the issue of abandoned cable. DuPont™ Abandoned Cable Services will provide assessment services for identification and reporting of abandoned cable hazards in office buildings; planning for infrastructure improvement and management; connections with local labor; and removal and recycling logistics.