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Dordrecht, June 6, 2008

DuPont signs sponsoring agreement with Bieschboschcentrum

Jaap Mendel, Site Manager DuPont Dordrecht, and Jan Lagendijk, chairman of the Natuur- en Recreatieschap De Hollandse Biesbosch and alderman of the municipality of Dordrecht, signed a sponsoring agreement today for three years. DuPont annually donates an amount of money to the BeverBos at the Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht. Mendel and Lagendijk determined the projects on which the money will be spent with deliberation. The contract runs with back-date from 2007 till 2009. Mendel thinks that the BeverBos, that lies in the surroundings of DuPont Dordrecht, is a project that makes people conscious of nature’s values, thereby helping to pursue DuPont’s goals for a safer, healthier and better society. During his speech he referred to the death of one of the beavers (she got a tree on the head), and stated that beavers also should wear a helmet for their own safety. Lagendijk referred during his speech to the importance of being good neighbours and praised DuPont’s attitude in what today is called corporate social responsibility. DuPont has been sponsor of the Biesboschcentrum for many years and wanted to make clear that the company continues support to the Beverbos by signing this agreement. Although there is not enough money for the BeverBos yet, the support of DuPont made the deficiency a lot smaller. Next to giving financial support, DuPont employees are going to support the Biesbosch with a clean-up action.