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Dordrecht, October 19, 2008

DuPont hands over telescope viewer to IVN Dordrecht

DuPont hands over telescope viewer to IVN Dordrecht

During an excursion to the Brabantse Bieschbosch, Erik van Kempen handed over a telescope viewer to IVN Dordrecht on behalf of DuPont Dordrecht.
IVN Dordrecht is a part of the national organisation of IVN. This foundation has 17.000 members who devote themselves voluntarily to a sustainable society.

Van Kempen, Senior Process Engineer at the Delrin® Chemical Plant of DuPont Dordrecht, is one of the three winners of the European Global Growth Excellence Award. In 2006, he and his team started a process change at the Delrin® Plant, thereby saving an annual amount of 3,000 tons of CO2 and 25,000 m³ of drinking water (enough to supply 600 people annually). The award included 3,000 dollar to donate to an organisation run by volunteers. IVN Dordrecht was the one. The organisation used the money to buy a telescope viewer that can be used to observe and take pictures of birds.

IVN is a nationwide association union for education considering nature and the environment. Through information and educational activities for a large public, the members of IVN try to focus attention on the surrounding nature and environment. They also want to enhance the knowledge of the inhabitants. IVN Dordrecht organises different activities for children in Dordrecht and Zwijndrecht every month. Public excursions (free) to parks and natural reserves such as the Eiland van Dordrecht are organised on a weekly basis.

The formaldehyde plant of DuPont Dordrecht produces heat that can be converted to steam or can be destroyed in the cooling tower using drinking water. By doing some smart process adjustments, the team was able to use the heat more efficient. The plant uses this new, energy saving process since April 2007 and the production of steam increased. The use of drinking water decreased thanks to t he adjustments. As a result the formaldehyde plant uses less natural gas and reduced the emission of CO2.